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The Outsourcing Solution for Gym Owners Nationwide.




1. Get paid GUARANTEED long-term revenues you can count on, each and every month.

2. We offer proven Small Group Personal Training programs that will give your club a distinct competitive edge.

3. We free up valuable time ​for owners and general managers to focus on club operations and membership sales.

4. The quality control of the sales process and personal training services makes them consistent and respectable.

5. We eliminate expensive overhead for the club owner.  We cover liability, payroll taxes, transaction fees, etc...

6.  Creates one unified personal training team that works together for the success of your club.

7. When members achieve results they become long-term loyal members.



​We are a company with a strong operational footprint nationwide, which gives us the capability to apply our management services to any gym, anywhere across the country. 

Our ownership has 16 years of proven management success in every important department of a health club facility.  Their experience comes from working many years inside some of the fitness industry's most iconic and respected companies.

Element has a clear understanding of the concerns that club owners have when turning to an outside company to oversee their pride and joys.  When it comes to overseeing the personal training department we understand how important our attitude is towards your members and staff.

We put at ease a club owner's concerns by working as a partner and operating with complete financial transparency while providing the highest level of customer service to the club owner and their members.  We have found that the best agreement between Element and the club owner should always be a true Win-Win partnership. 

We offer multiple ways to place our management within your club.  Club owners can decide which is best suited for their situation. Contact us to learn more.


Complimentary Analysis

We welcome the opportunity to review your current PT department with absolute confidentiality for a fresh, outsider look that will likely point out any lost opportunities to improve your customer service, revenues, profits, expenses, employee satisfaction and retention.


This analysis will also provide you with how Element PT could improve upon all of them and present you with realistic revenue projections you could expect by partnering with us.

About Element PT

Company Culture

Creating and maintaining a positive Company Culture is and will always be our top priority.  Making that happen starts with our leader at the top.  


Adam started his fitness career with one of the most successful gym companies ever and followed that with multiple years at a couple companies that were at the forefront of the outsourcing pt business model.  It took him years to realize that their financial success always seemed to come at the expense of their employees, members, and gym partners.


As those kind of companies typically do, they manipulated Adam into becoming a not so nice boss to work with, or as he is often admits to, "I became an a**hole of a boss." 


His promotions and rewards were based off of incentives that encouraged him to think selfishly, but worst of all, was the poor example that his managers showed him.  They lacked empathy towards their employees and looked at them as expendable and replaceable.   That attitude was passed along from the top down and it didn't stop with the employees, but always ended up affecting the clients and gym partners just the same.  It seemed no matter where he went to work in the gym industry, the culture remained the same.  The silver lining of dealing with those poor cultures is it gave him a clear vision of how he wanted to lead his own company someday.

Our PT Sales Directors

We are very careful about who we place in the leadership role inside every club.  Our PT Sales Directors are required to have extensive knowledge of exercise science, an ability to foster trusting relationships with members, their training staff, and club management, and a talent for motivating a member to purchase personal training. 

We are able to recruit the best and most motivated individuals because we offer them an environment in which they can develop into better leaders. 

​This provides club owners with a confidence and much welcomed long-term stability within their clubs.

Our Personal Trainers

Our clients invest a few things of great value in a quest to reach their fitness goals. They invest their hard earned money, their emotions, and their precious time.

With this in mind, we take the recruitment of quality personal trainers seriously.  Each trainer is required to have a nationally recognized pt certification, an energetic and positive attitude, passion to improve lives, and a responsible work ethic.

Employee Benefits

With our compensation and benefits plan, our trainers can be confident they will have the ability to establish a lengthy career that is able to support themselves and a family.


Without our employees we are unable to deliver the services and change lives.  We reward loyal employees with an attractive benefits package.  Available to qualified employees are:

1)  Up to one week paid vacation per year.

2)  All Continued Education Credits paid for each year.

3)  Health, Dental, and Eye insurance .

4)  Work schedule that values Work/Life balance.

Our Employees
Club Owner Benefits
How Your Club Benefits With ELEMENT
Advantages Over Your Competition

You will have One-on-One and Small Group PT programs that will differentiate your clubs from other local clubs.  This is powerful when added to your marketing materials and media advertising.

Relieved of Stress and Worries

You will no longer have to micromanage your trainer schedules, billing issues, customer complaints, and hiring/firing.

Guaranteed Revenues

You can choose a partnership with Element that is best suited for your needs as a club owner.  We can either agree upon a flat monthly rent or receive a percentage of total monthly gross revenue. 

Complete Financial Transparency

No matter which partnership arrangement you decide on, we believe that honesty is the best policy.  We operate with integrity and have no reasons to hide anything.

Eliminate Costly Overhead Expenses

We absorb and take on all costs and responsiblity of Billing; Insurance; Worker's Comp; Unemployment Insurance; Payroll; Supplies.

Membership Retention Rates Improve

When your members become involved in more services and activities that they can't find anywhere else such as Small Group PT, One-on-One, Workshops, then what reasons do they have to leave your clubs?

We provide all members with the following: 

 - A complimentary One-On-One session every six months

 - Free one week open houses to try Small Group PT programs every 4 to 6 months.

 - Complimentary strength, cardio, and nutrition workshops throughout each month.


How We Make It Successful

What We Provide Our Training Clients

~ Passionate Certified Professional Trainers

~ Every session with their trainer is recorded on our standardized workout forms for them to keep and follow on their own

~ Nutritional guidelines and meal planning

~ Measurements and progress reports every six weeks

~ Personal goal setting every 90 days

~ Access to exclusive monthly workshops

~ Affordable plans that fit every budget.  We have plans that start as low as $15 per week.

What We Provide Club Owners

~ New member fitness assessments and evaluations

~ Exceptional member retention services.  We make Member Courtesy Calls to each member every 90 days.  During these

   calls we receive feedback about their club experience that we relay to ownership, fitness goals, offer them a

   complimentary fitness evaluation, and ask them for referrals to invite to the club for a free trial pass.

~ Healthy workshops every month that are open to all members

~ Members that purchase training are proven to remain loyal members for a longer period of time.

What We Provide Our Employees

~ Very solid pay and benefits plan

~ Continued education opportunities and funds

~ An empowering environment that welcomes creative ideas and solutions

~ Opportunities to become owner/operators within our facilities

FAQs: How Does Element Personal Training Management Work Inside Clubs?

What happens to the trainers that are already here when you take over management?

Every effort is made to keep them in your club by giving them the opportunity to join our team.

How soon will management begin once an agreement is in place?

Depending on the club owner's timeline we can be operational inside your club in as quick as 7 to 14 days.

What kind of uniform or dress code do you have for the training department?

We like our uniforms to reflect the club that we operate in if possible.  If the club owner wants us to, we will wear their company colors with only their logo.  All staff must wear only black workout pants or shorts.  Work shirts must be tucked in at all times.

How much do your sessions cost?

When pricing our programs we have to consider the market and what the members are able to afford.

Does the club owner have access to your financials?

Honesty is always the best policy.  We have heard the horror stories from club owners about some of the deceitful and corrupt behaviors from some personal training companies that are around.  We will operate with full financial transparency at all times.

If a club owner has any issues and concerns who will they contact?

All club owners have a direct line to the Element ownership in case their club's PT Sales Director is unable to assist.

If a client has a customer service issue, who will handle that?

We empower each of our Directors inside the club to make decisions as a business owner would.  This policy leads to speedy resolutions that improves client relations

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Zach Wheat

VP Business Development

Tel: (806) 559-5601

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