How We Make It Successful

What We Provide Our Training Clients

~ Passionate Certified Professional Trainers

~ Every session with their trainer is recorded on our standardized workout forms for them to keep and follow on their own

~ Nutritional guidelines and meal planning

~ Measurements and progress reports every six weeks

~ Personal goal setting every 90 days

~ Access to exclusive monthly workshops

~ Affordable plans that fit every budget.  We have plans that start as low as $15 per week.

What We Provide Club Owners

~ New member fitness assessments and evaluations

~ Exceptional member retention services.  We make Member Courtesy Calls to each member every 90 days.  During these

   calls we receive feedback about their club experience that we relay to ownership, fitness goals, offer them a

   complimentary fitness evaluation, and ask them for referrals to invite to the club for a free trial pass.

~ Healthy workshops every month that are open to all members

~ Members that purchase training are proven to remain loyal members for a longer period of time.

What We Provide Our Employees

~ Very solid pay and benefits plan

~ Continued education opportunities and funds

~ An empowering environment that welcomes creative ideas and solutions

~ Opportunities to become owner/operators within our facilities

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