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Our PT Sales Directors

We are very careful about who we place in the leadership role inside every club.  Our PT Sales Directors are required to have tremendous knowledge of exercise science, an ability to foster trusting relationships with members, their training staff, and club management, and a talent for motivating a member to purchase personal training. 

Our Directors don't just "act as if they are owners", but rather are owners.   We are able to recruit the best and most motivated individuals because we offer them an ownership percentage in each club they manage.  Because of this, they are more responsive to  provide quality customer service to clients and club owners, and take concern for the success of their training staff. 

Our turnover rate is among the lowest anywhere in the industry because they have a lasting stake in the outcome.  This provides club owners with a confidence and much welcomed long-term stability within their clubs.

Our clients invest a few things of great value in a quest to reach their fitness goals.

They invest their hard earned money, their emotions, and their precious time.

With this in mind, we take the recruitment of quality personal trainers seriously.  Each trainer is required to have a nationally recognized pt certification, an energetic and positive attitude, passion to improve lives, and a responsible work ethic.


With our compensation and benefits plan, our trainers can be confident they will have the ability to establish a lengthy career that is able to support themselves and a family.


Without our employees we are unable to deliver the services and change lives.  We reward loyal employees with an attractive benefits package.  Available to qualified employees are:

1)  Up to one week paid vacation per year.

2)  All Continued Education Credits paid for each year.

3)  Health, Dental, and Eye insurance .


Employee Benefits

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