How Your Club Benefits With Element

Advantages Over Your Competition

You will have One-on-One and Small Group PT programs that will differentiate your clubs from other local clubs.  This is powerful when added to your marketing materials and media advertising.

Relieved of Stress and Worries

You will no longer have to micromanage your trainer schedules, billing issues, customer complaints, and hiring/firing.

Guaranteed Revenues

You can choose a partnership with Element that is best suited for your needs as a club owner.  We can either agree upon a flat monthly rent or receive a percentage of total monthly gross revenue. 

Complete Financial Transparency

No matter which partnership arrangement you decide on, we believe that honesty is the best policy.  We operate with integrity and have no reasons to hide anything.

Eliminate Costly Overhead Expenses

We absorb and take on all costs and responsiblity of Billing; Insurance; Worker's Comp; Unemployment Insurance; Payroll; Supplies.

Membership Retention Rates Improve

When your members become involved in more services and activities that they can't find anywhere else such as Small Group PT, One-on-One, Workshops, then what reasons do they have to leave your clubs?

Added Value to Your Members

We provide all members with the following: 

 - A complimentary One-On-One session every six months

 - Free one week open houses to try Small Group PT programs every 4 to 6 months.

 - Complimentary strength, cardio, and nutrition workshops throughout each month.


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