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How do we help our valued Gym Partners?

100% of our gym partners are instantly profitable with our guaranteed Win-Win monthly rent structure. 

We bring our positive company culture to your club and members. It is the foundation to our success and growth. We have a zero tolerance policy for employing jerks.

We assume all of the expensive operating liabilities such as: payroll processing, workers comp, unemployment, payroll taxes, merchant fees, insurance, and taxes.

Save valuable TIME and eliminate STRESS on staffing issues and staff management. We handle all the recruiting, interviewing, onboarding, continued education, and accountability of the personal training staff.

No more worries about handling customer service issues. We take a proactive approach to preventing common problems in the first place. But if they do occur we are super fast to respond and resolve because we know that it's not only our reputation on the line, but also our gym partners. 

Increased member retention. On average, we enroll between 15% and 22% of all new members into our personal training programs.

Complete this form to learn more about how our Personal Training Outsourcing Services could possibly help your gym operations. 

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